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NATHANIEL LOVETTE better known as "Bill," was our first resident. He was known in the neighborhood to make a few dollars here and there doing yard work. Bill came to us and at one point felt we were not the place he wanted to be, so he went back out on the streets and ended up at another type of faith based facility, but he realized there was no other program like NOAH COMMUNITY OUTREACH, INC., so he left there after a short stay and came back asking to be re-enrolled into our program, this was in 1997. Now, Bill is a Building Maintenance Engineer. He has been united with his beautiful daughter whom he barely knew, in that she lived in Miami prior to Bill's transformation, but has since become so close to her dad that she chose to attend the University of South Florida so she could be near him. Bill now operates his own air conditioning repair business. He is also a homeowner. 

 came into the program after he decided he was sick and tired of the streets; he is now employed by Hillsborough County Public Works as a Trades Helper and was just promoted. He has been married for several years to Patricia, who was also a drug dealer/user/Madame. The church assisted them with a wedding and supplied them with a loving support system. They now serve as Elder/Deaconess/Minister of Music/Teacher/Usher/ Singer. Elder Johnny is one of our Praise Team Leaders. 

graduated after a year and resided for over 3 years in our Graduate House before venturing out on her own. 

ROBERT MUSKIN graduated after a year, lived in one of our other properties, and has now ventured out on his own. He has operated our Lawn Service for over 4 years. In 2019 he began to operate his own lawn service. 

OTHER PROGRAM GRADUATES INCLUDE: Carlos Thomas, Lennon Weaver, Larry Daniel, Sherman Burton, Sr., Katherine Green, Tony Pedone, Valester Jones, John Hester, Lorne Harshey, Charles Mobley, Ernest Byrd, Alan Sheperd, Harold Shipp, Robert Coney, Carl Wilkerson, Lisa Riley, James Tucker, James Young, Bertha Bates Young, Michael Anderson, Annie Anderson, and many, many more. 


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