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Noah Community Outreach, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization founded in 1997 by the late Bishop Eddie Newkirk in Tampa, Florida. It is comprised of four long-term residential ministry houses, implemented to aid in the drug recovery process of adults. The program especially targets those males and females, regardless of race or religious orientation, who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol or, for some other reason, found themselves unsheltered and are sincerely seeking to leave their current state and become self-sufficient, productive, contributing members of society.

The Noah Community Outreach, Inc. began following our Pastor's own three sons' addiction and trouble with the law. His sons underwent many of the trials that accompany substance abuse and later emerged from this as law-abiding, God-fearing men who serve God as Deacons and Ministers of the Gospel, which gave Bishop Newkirk a true heart of compassion for those who fall victim to substance abuse. 

The program is overseen by Pastor Tony Parker and Elder Florence Gainer of St. John Cathedral in Tampa, Florida. After being orphaned due to the untimely passing of his parents while he was a teenager, Pastor Parker subsequently fell victim to drugs. He connected with the St. John Church family and, under the tutelage of the late Bishop Eddie Newkirk, made a complete turn-around. 

Although never a victim of drug or alcohol addiction, Elder Florence Gainer brought to the program over 31 years of public service experience. She works closely with our enrollees' female population. She knows how to work with, encourage, and mentor both males and females. 


Our Mission at Noah Community Outreach, Inc. and Lydia Houses is to open the door to a changed life for each resident that comes through our doors by providing them with the life skills, resources, and encouragement they need to live a balanced life. 


Our Vision is to transform the lives of residents, break generational cycles, and empower individuals to live out their true God-given purpose. 

Scope of Services 

Each potential incarcerated resident can check with their Classification Officer and obtain information pertaining to Noah Community Outreach, Inc. 


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